Sandwiched between excited children from Chandos Primary School in Highgate, the Duke was slow to start but soon joined in with the youngsters as they acted out the movements to the book and laughed and smiled as he listened. The children crowded round him as they presented him with a card they had made, evidently not daunted by his royal status. Chatting to staff, William said of the children: "I could spend the day just talking to them, I had such a fun conversation with them."


Our Ethos

Chandos Primary School aims to develop young people from 3 to 11 years, providing a safe, secure environment that ensures children are confident to explore, enjoy and relish the challenges of their learning, so optimising their individual potential to achieve.

Our dedicated staff are committed to ensuring the school provides warm, welcoming and stimulating surroundings for all children, with an emphasis on the provision of high quality teaching and learning whilst also supporting the wider needs of the community.

We are a highly diverse school with cultures faiths represented from across the globe. Our great strength is the capacity of all our children, staff, parents and governors to always welcome visitors and new arrivals to our school in a positive manner and supportive manner.

Please feel free to contact the school to make an appointment to come and have a look around.

J Allan


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