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Year 6

Celebration of Pupil's work

Stop, Camera, Action

The children learnt about how different close ups affects how we see character's emotions.

Year 6 Parents SATs workshop with Miss Head Thursday 13th October

A big thank you to all of the Year 6 parents who attended the SATs workshop with Miss Head.  Miss Head shared information about the testing procedures for the end of Key Stage Two and showed examples of the types of tests children will be sitting and how their scores will be recorded.

Parents then used laptops and iPads to access online learning websites including Bug Club reading and Abacus maths games which children can use at home. Remember, every child has been allocated homework online to complete on a weekly basis.

Parent comments included:
"I have learnt alot of new information about SATs and how to prepare my child."
"I know lots of new resources which my child can use to help them learn."
"Very useful workshop, I now know what to expect."
"I learnt how parents can support pupils with their work with new materials and the dedication of staff at Chandos."

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s class teacher.


Year 6 Author Visit at King Edwards School

On Thursday 6th October, children from 6H went to King Edwards School to meet the famous author Marcus Alexander. We learnt all about his life and how he became an author, which the children found very interesting and inspiring! In addition to this, Marcus explained his top tips to writing our own stories, which he used when writing his Charlie Keeper books.

Well done to Ahmed and Tanya who won a signed poster by asking him fantastic questions!


Year 6 Debate with King Edwards School

On Friday 30th October, 6H had some very important visitors! Volunteers from King Edwards School came to deliver a Debating Workshop with the children. The children learnt a great deal about British Demoncracy and how laws are passed.

During the workshop, children learnt about how to speak clearly and using effective body language to be authoritative and confident.  In two teams, the children created their own arguments for and against the topic ‘Should Video Games be banned?’ After every child delivered their arguments and counter-arguments, we decided video games weren’t so bad after all, providing we use them moderately and sensibly.

6P will be participating in their Debate Workshop on Friday 14th October and are very excited!



Year 6 Visit to Martineau Gardens

On Thursday 29th and Friday 30th September, the children and teachers in Year 6 visited Martineau Gardens to learn about animals, plants and classification.

In the morning, we went on a walk around the woods and used a key to identify which tree a leaf belongs to. We even got to use magnifying glasses to have a closer look!  We then sorted and classified animals based on their features, such as if they were vertebrates or invertebrates.  

In the afternoon, we went inside the greenhouse which was particularly humid. We learnt about providing the best environment and condition for plants to grow. Using our new learning, every child planted their own daffodil which they got to take home using compost to provide nourishment.  Martineau Gardens make their own compost using the remains of food.  They even have their own wormery which makes rich compost.

Well done to the children for their fantastic behaviour and being excellent ambassadors for Chandos Primary School.





Chandos Primary School

Mr Pietrzak's Maths Group undertaking an investigation into Prime numbers.

Click here to play.

Basketball Years 5 & 6
Squad 2015

Hour of Coding
Well done to all of Year 6 this week for completing their hour of coding. The children learnt to make their own game, including Flappy Bird. They even won a certificate for completing all of their work!

Here is an example of a game made by Subhan and Sufyan in 6H. 

Looks like it's not game over for Year 6! 



Inspired by our visit to meet the author Marcus Alexandar, Ashgan in 6H wrote a fantastic story at home which her classmates enjoyed reading. 
"It is inspirational because it made me want to write my own story," Essa.
"I want to write my own story like Ashgan's because it was interesting," Omran.
"The story is very thrilling... I love the part about the superpowers!" Sufyan. 

What do you think of Ashgan's story? Read it below... 

The Forever Lost Girl

Chapter one a new world

She leaped outside, not knowing where she was. She had a filthy kitchen cloth wrapped around her painful arm and she had a necklace glowing brightly in the moonlight. Dwarfs were surrounding her; she didn’t know what to do.

‘Hi there! I am Chris, who are you?’ said one of the dwarfs. Chris was a bit smaller than the others so she predicted it was one of the younger ones.

‘I… I don’t know anymore,’ she replied with a worried look on her face. She looked around, faintly remembering her family and what has happened to them, then she burst into tears, prickling down her cheeks like rose thorns. Then she realised. This was her family. What dark Beth has done to them was this; she cursed them to be another species.

‘What do you mean you don’t know anymore?’ asked Chris curiously.

‘Stay back Chris, you know what dark Beth did to us, this might be-’

‘Oh shut up Kristine! You always try to scare me but guess what…I don’t get scared at all!’ Chris shouted at Kristine, his sister, while she made silly faces at him. His other sister, Lydia, joined Kristine; then, there she was right, before her eyes, dark Beth herself. Lydia, Kristine and Chris ran for their lives. The girls’ eyes fired up, she bowed her head down and when she looked up again she wasn’t that shy girl anymore, no, she was a monster.

‘Well well, if it isn’t the nameless girl, the lucky girl, the one separated from her unlucky family,’ dark Beth said confidently not giving her a chance to speak.

‘What have you done to my family?’ she replied in anger.

‘You saw, they are another species, they’re dwarfs. At least they aren’t beasts, they are still humans but mini,’ Beth cackled and the girl shot a lazer right at her but dark Beth is not that easy to get rid of. All the dwarfs backed up and the girl and dark Beth carried on fighting. Beth shot a fireball but it missed, then, she shot an ice freeze right at her but she didn’t freeze instead she took it and shot back, but again the girl Sumer saulted away from the ball. Suddenly, the girl got so worked up and she shot both of her powers, ice freeze and lazer at the same time and the Dark Beth fell to the floor. ‘This not the end of me!’ muttered dark Beth.

Chapter two

The girl turned back into a human and she apologised to her family.

‘I am so sorry I didn’t know what I did. All these years I did not know where you were and… I kind of… well… forgot you’ whimpered the girl sadly and she really regretted going out with her friend instead of staying with her beloved family.

By Ashgan 6H  18.10.2016